Child Employment & the Law

Published 26.04.2016

During April Local Authorities across the country are raising awareness about child employment. This will involve visits to Local Employers offering advice and stressing the importance of Employers applying for work permits when employing young people.

Did you know it is illegal for any school age child to work part-time without a work permit, and that without a permit they will not be covered by employers' insurance?

It is illegal for children under the age of 13 to work. However many young people from the age of 13 benefit from part-time working but a lack of awareness about child employment laws may leave children between the age of 13 and 16 vulnerable to exploitation and injury.

It is the employer's responsibility to apply for a work permit. Child employment laws exist to safeguard school age employees and work permits are issued within defined limits including: nature of duties, times of day and amount of hours. There are also restrictions on the type of work which can be carried out including selling alcohol, cigarettes and medicines or working with dangerous machinery.

If a child is working without a child employment permit, there’s a risk that the employer won’t be insured against accidents involving the child.  Without a permit, the employer is breaking the law and can be prosecuted.

I am contacting local libraries, doctors surgeries, sports and leisure facilities and other agencies to raise awareness as part of this programme.

If you would like to discuss this please do not hesitate to contact me Karina Daniels on 0161 603 4350 or visit the Salford City Council website More about 'Child employment' for more information.

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