Peel Thai Boxing Club 2016

Published 14.12.2016

Over 35 junior titles won in 2016 by members of Peel Thai Boxing Club Unit 2, Smithfold Industrial Estate, Little Hulton, Worsley, Salford,M28 0GP

The mastermind behind their success is Geoff Downes. Geoff is recognised as one of the best Thai boxing coaches in the country, and is a former British Champion himself.

Junior Fighters

The following junior members have won:-

Jade Hoskins age 12 WKU British 2 x WKU English champion.

Levi  age 13 WKU K1 Champion.

Jack Oxley age 13 defended his CCC British title and ISKA World title.

Bobby Waring age 13 WKU English title.

Cain Cartwright age 13 WTKA Sandee International open champion  and WFMC world champion.

Macey Derbyshire age 13 WKU English champion.

Evan Preston age 9 Northern area WTKA Champion.

Dec Dawson age 13 ISKA world champion  British WKA Champion Sandee International Champion WKU English Champion.

Sam Lewis age 9 WKU world Champion WFMC World Champion  WKU K1 and WKU English Open Champion British WKU Champion ICO British Champion.

Kyle Bentley age12 ISKA World Thai Boxing Champion ISKA K1 World Champion WTKA Sandee International Champion also defended his CCC British title.

Jack Scoltock age 10 WFMC World Champion WKU English Open in K1 and Thai British WTKA English WRFA, Kieran Bryce WKU English Champion.

All the junior fighters competed in the WFMC games in Manchester to win their titles having several fights to become champions, the 3 junior fighters that achieved Gold in the ISKA world Championship had to endeavour several trips to Birmingham to initially qualify then to complete intense training by the England Coaches.

Peel Thai Boxing Club will be commencing a New Beginners Class from January 2017 for details please contact Geoff Downes on  07914 251967 or email

WKU – World Kickboxing union

CCC – Celtic Challenge Championships

WTKA – World Traditional Kickboxing Association

WFMC – World Fight Sport & Martial Arts Championships

ISKA – International Sports Kickboxing Association

WRFA – World Ring Sports Association

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